Maija H.

July 29th, 2019

This group is TOP GRADE!! I went in as I had herniated some disc in low back from a fall. I previously had fractured my right knee, it was finally to a point where I could just pull off my full work shifts again. In pain but at least able earn my paycheck again Nov 2016.

Christmas day 2016 slipped and fell herniating disc causing PAIN in low back and pain down LEFT leg this time. After injections to spine asked if could see a therapist to help me learn how to “deal” with my future outcome.

They surprised me with giving me my “life back, okay I’m not completely renewed but I can walk, run to a point, get out of a chair, sit on the floor with my grandchildren (even lay on floor with them to color) and get back up on my own!! Something I didn’t foresee back then.

Plus, I met great people along the way and good friends!! Even on the cloudy grey days (inside joke).