Patient Testimonials

  • The staff are awesome, encouraging. I didn’t think my knees would ever be able to bend to 120 degrees. With the help of Empower Physical Therapy, I can now successfully bend them to 120 degrees. I can almost ride a bike, which was a necessary goal.

    Carrie L.

  • Thank you Justin, Jessica and the rest of the Empower staff for giving me the exercises and tools to succeed in reintroducing my pre-injury routine and activities! I’m excited to continually gain in strength. Look forward to actively rock climbing again.

    Jennifer G.

  • Loved the staff from the front desk to Justin and Jessica. You can tell they cared about my well-being. Took the time to listen to my concerns. Always greeted with a smile.

    Kathy S.

  • Great people to work with. Professionalism in their approach to using therapy with patients. I would recommend Empower PT to my friends and family. Thank you!

    Allen B.

  • Therapists are all well-knowledged. Easy to work with. Everyone here is very pleasant. Will recommend to friends for therapy.

    Brian H.

  • My pain was occasional, not consistent. With lots of hiking my knee would swell and be painful. But if I stayed away from active physical uses, my pain level was low to none. I underwent the procedure and PT for mostly preventative reasons. I haven’t yet tried any extensive hiking or physical use. I don’t yet know if the pain will be less. But I have lots of confidence that the exercises and knowledge I’ve gained will help my knee be healthier and stronger. And I’ve avoided the total knee replacement I was dreading.

    Valeri O.

  • Everybody at Empower Physical Therapy was nice and assisted me in getting my problems solved and fixed.

    Doyle S.

  • Rotator cuff surgery is not painful until you take off the splint and then the work begins. Surgeons should let people know about the recovery expectations once the splint is removed. Physical therapy is recommended and daily exercises at home including the pulley is required for a more successful outcome of the surgery. Pain is part of the recovery process. When the surgeon says tears are part of the healing process – they were right.

    Caralynn F.

  • Y’all are amazing and I’m kind of sad to see it end. Thank you all so very much!

    Nicole B.

  • Excellent workouts – strengthening muscles overall. Thank you everyone!

    Barbara F.

  • Thank you very much for your caring therapy. Thank you for listening and working with me in a patient manner. Empower physical therapy made a big difference!

    LouAnn H.

  • Super amazing experience. The therapists are skilled and knowledgeable. Great education to continue my exercises at home for life! Dry needling seemed to speed up my healing and I am completely satisfied with my recovery.

    Lori D.

  • Jacob Pollard is an amazing physical therapist. He really listens and makes you feel comfortable. Very knowledgeable, I’m glad I came here for PT. I feel great New! His staff is awesome as well, they all made me feel right at home, including reception!

    Laura H.

  • I’m extremely pleased with my care at Empower Physical Therapy. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly.

    Verona G.

  • Amazing staff and facilities! You really feel like they care for your well-being and getting you to a healthy state of being. Enjoyed talking about Disneyland during the visits.

    Patrick M.

  • Very congenial staff – I appreciate the concern and drive to find a resolution to my pain. Reminder for appointments appreciated, clean facilities!

    Irene M.

  • Thank you all so much for giving me the tools to improve my everyday activities. You don’t even know how grateful I am to you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do daily housework without taking 20 breaks! I will definitely direct anyone of my friends who are in need of physical therapy to you. Thank you for all your hard work in making people’s lives a little bit easier. I appreciate you so much.

    Mona S.

  • Staff was always courteous and always a pleasure to come and say hi! Thank you!

    Jeffrey N.

  • You guys are amazing! Thank you for helping me through my pain and giving me the tools to cope and heal. I was very scared to be stuck in a useless body and live the rest of my life in pain. I’m very happy to have crossed paths with all of you. Don’t forget this crazy firecracker!

    Melissa W.

  • My condition is chronic and deteriorating. I can’t expect my pain to go away completely with exercise and stretching, though it is necessary to keep my joints strong and mobile, moving in safe ways.

    Sharon S.

  • I had physical therapy with a different therapist for roughly 3 months on my ankle approximately 2 years ago. Though I felt my therapist was concerned about my health, I can honestly say that I have learned more and felt more compassion from the entire staff at Empower.

    Edward B.

  • Jacob Polland is very knowledgeable and has been awesome. He knows exactly what is needed. Thank you!

    Teresa C.

  • The entire staff here is amazing. From the first phone call, I felt welcome and comfortable. Jacob started the evaluation and asked my goals. Every visit I felt was based on reaching those goals and the results have far exceeded my expectations. My recovery is better than I thought it would be at this point. Can’t say enough about these folks. Highly recommended to anyone! I feel empowered!

    Jackie B.

  • The staff and therapists are so attentive and make you feel that they care. I’m not a robot! I will sing your praises loud and long. Thank you for all the help you have given me, I pray for you all.

    Martha N.

  • Thank you for the professional caring way you cared for me on good days and difficult days. Jessica and Megan have always been very approachable and positive and had smiles on days when I needed them. Justin was dedicated to helping me get better by setting achievable goals and increasing my movement and rehabilitation at logical and prudent levels. The team worked seamlessly to care for me and were absolutely dedicated to all their patients. I appreciated each phase of the care I received, and know it was your expertise and knowledge that allowed me to receive the results that I did. Thank you and you can be sure I will recommend you whenever I can.

    Annette D.

  • I appreciate the effort that went into my recovery. Everyone I worked with was super great. Always friendly and the environment reflects the healthy working relationship amongst all staff members. Thank you for making recovery enjoyable.

    Joseph G.

  • EPT has shown real care in how they have worked with me to get more mobility. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help to get moving again.

    Samuel W.

  • We are taking our 4-month-old here for beginning torticollis and have been very impressed with Jacob’s knowledge and skill. Beautiful office and great support staff as well!

    Erica F.

  • Referred originally for neck pain. As therapy progressed, Jacob Pollard came to the conclusion I had TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome). Would not have finally found relief without his and Shelby’s continued efforts. Grateful for NOT having to have surgery 🙂

    Nicole M.

  • Jacob and his team did an amazing job of getting me on track. I felt that each and every team member really cared and they had the knowledge to get me on the road to healing. I highly recommend this business!!

    Lynda T.

  • The warmness and softness of the clinic and people were so wonderful! I was treated with compassion and didn’t have to fill out a ton of paperwork. My back has been messed up for years but now I feel that I’m in great hands and will be treated with the care needed to make my back and muscles heal and strengthen. He explained everything and made sure when I left I knew and felt reassured. Thank you Justin Handy.

    Nikki B.

  • Definitely recommend coming here, the staff is amazing!

    Missy B.

  • I was referred to Empower PT for SI Joint Disfunction mid-pregnancy. Jacob and his fantastic team worked very diligently to find a course of treatment that alleviated a great deal of my pain and restored my ability to function on a daily basis, adapting continuously to what I needed with a growing pregnancy. The staff is knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly listen to the needs and concerns of their patients. Hands down the most productive physical therapy I have gone through. I don’t know what I would have done without them!!

    Damenika M.

  • Movement has been the best medicine. The staff at Empower have pushed and encouraged me as much as I needed. Can’t wait until next time!

    Jim E.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I enjoy my sessions.

    Andrew M.

  • Justin, Jessica and the whole team were excellent from the first time I hobbled in on crutches from a procedure done on my knee, to the last visit 2 months (12 visits) later when I was running on a treadmill, jumping on one leg, and doing weighted squats. Justin pushed me to keep progressing but never made me push too far to cause pain. I feel that not only have I found a place where I will be going for all my physical therapy needs, but I have gained good friends as well. Thanks, guys!

    No S.

  • After two years of pain and frustration following a joint fusion in my foot, Justin and the crew at Empower worked wonders for me. Not only did they help me gain strength and endurance back, but they sent me away with the knowledge and understanding to maintain and build on the work I did with them. Highly recommend!

    Tracie K.

  • This group is TOP GRADE!! I went in as I had herniated some disc in low back from a fall. I previously had fractured my right knee, it was finally to a point where I could just pull off my full work shifts again. In pain but at least able earn my paycheck again Nov 2016.

    Christmas day 2016 slipped and fell herniating disc causing PAIN in low back and pain down LEFT leg this time. After injections to spine asked if could see a therapist to help me learn how to “deal” with my future outcome.

    They surprised me with giving me my “life back, okay I’m not completely renewed but I can walk, run to a point, get out of a chair, sit on the floor with my grandchildren (even lay on floor with them to color) and get back up on my own!! Something I didn’t foresee back then.

    Plus, I met great people along the way and good friends!! Even on the cloudy grey days (inside joke).

    Maija H.

  • I loved working with Wes and Jess! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Empower is able to treat TMJ. I had assumed that there was nothing I could do about my jaw pain, and I’m so glad that I was able to get treatment through Empower.

    Nicole E.

  • I had my doubts that physical therapy could address the pain and weakness caused by the labral tear in my shoulder, but I was happily surprised! Under the guidance of a professional staff and a specific PT regime, I was feeling great and golfing in 6 wks. I highly recommend Empower!

    Kris G.

  • From Taylor at the front desk to Jacob and Jessica doing the therapy we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s even somewhat awkward to call Dr. Pollard “doctor” because he’s more like a family friend (we just call him Jacob). My wife has been seeing Jacob off and on for a year and a half because of her back problems and his “dry needling” treatments, which we had never heard of before, have definitely helped her. I’m sure Wes and the other therapists are equally as capable; we just haven’t worked with them. We recently found out that Jacob can also threat BPPV, which is the condition of severe dizziness caused by crystals in the inner ear getting out of place. We would highly recommend Empower Physical Therapy to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. Very sincerely, Don and Elaine Bratten.

    Donald B.

  • Empower Physical Therapy I would highly recommend to those seeking physical therapy treatment. The staff is very professional, kind, encouraging, and genuinely care about your progress and improvement. They consistently check pain and safety levels to make sure that optimal muscle engagement is achieved but not to the point of pain or discomfort. If people are seeking good staff who strive to achieve results, Empower Physical Therapy is the place to go.

    Pamela A.

  • Dr. Pollard, Shelby & Zoey are a fabulous team. They were patient, understanding and knowledgeable. They worked with my neck issue and TOS that involved therapy, dry needling, and muscle scraping. I would recommend no other physical therapy in the valley!!

    Nicole M.

  • I would recommend empower physical therapy to anyone. When I first started I thought yeah right now I am doing better than before I hurt my back. The people at Empower Physical Therapy are awesome.

    Bob L.

  • Great people, very knowledgeable. Loved my experience with this company. Will definitely go back if I need physical therapy again!

    Shaina H.

  • The entire staff at Empower Physical Therapy has been amazing to work with. They listened to my concerns and worked diligently to help me achieve my goals (no more pain!). I can’t say enough good things about Empower and highly recommend them.

    Jasmine M.

  • I went to the office in anchorage and Justin Handy and his team are some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable people I’ve met. I’d been in so much pain it even hurt to breathe and they worked with me until we found exercises and treatments that worked. They celebrated my victories with me and encouraged me when I was feeling hopeless. I can’t thank them enough. I still do the exercises they gave me every day and I’m able to run and play with my children again.

    Sarah L.

  • Dr. Pollard and Zoey were absolutely the most thorough and encouraging Physical Therapist I’ve used. I had knee replacement surgery in Tucson and three weeks of PT. It was truly substandard to the rehabilitation therapy I received at Empower Physical Therapy. Talk about caring and flexible staff; these folks fit me in when it was convenient, and my rehabilitation went much faster than I thought possible at age 68. After three weeks, I was doing great. The strength training worked! Now it’s two years later, and my knee is absolutely 100%. You can’t go wrong with this group of professionals.

    Rebecca T.

  • The Empower Physical Therapy staff provide a relaxed environment for anyone to workout in. They also provide reliable hands on guidance throughout you’re appointment that I found really helpful.


  • I was delighted how minimal the pain was and how much stronger my leg and knee felt after each visit! Today I am able to walk pain free without a cane or walker. This was a wonderful experience.


  • These people are the VERTIGO ANGELS! I was unable to drive, unable to trust myself to stay standing and almost at the end of my rope with doctors handing me prescriptions to hopefully solve a months long episode. I was basically housebound. It was literally ONE TRIP TO EMPOWER PHYSICAL THERAPY and I walked out without assistance and feeling invincible!


  • I appreciate the effort that went into my recovery. Everyone I worked with was super great. Always friendly and the environment reflects the healthy working relationship amongst all staff members. Thank you for making recovery enjoyable.

    Joseph G.