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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of physical medicine used to treat many conditions, injuries, or illnesses as an alternative to traditional medication. At our clinic we treat many patients that experience pain, limitations in movement, or inability to work because of their current pain or injury.

In physical therapy, we will incorporate many different ways to try and help manage your pain or improve your mobility. Some of these ways are through hands-on techniques, known as manual therapy, to improve movements of the joints and muscles. We also will use exercises known as therapeutic exercise where we will target specific muscles to try and improve their function and strength. Lastly, we will use different state of the art equipment designed to improve healing and decrease your pain, such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot and cold therapy, iontophoresis, and compression.

Our physical therapy clinic is a warm and inviting area where we get to know our patients on a much deeper level than other medical professionals. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time at therapy. We believe that you can achieve great results, improve your healing, and have a great time while doing it!

Why Would I Come Get Physical Therapy?

Another great question! We believe that physical therapy can help many conditions and problems facing people today. Of course we do rehabilitation on any patient following surgeries, such as total joint replacements, ACL graft or repair, rotator cuff repair, etc. However, we also treat common conditions such as back and neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel or wrist pain, tennis or golfers elbow, ankle sprains, hip pain, dizziness and balance problems, and much more.

If you have a question about whether or not we could treat your current condition, please do not hesitate to call and ask. Our phone number is 907-373-9462 . We would love to talk to you about your options.

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How does Empower Physical Therapy work with Algone Regenerative Medicine?

Algone Regenerative Medicine is the premier clinic in Alaska for regenerative medicine procedures, including platelet rich plasma injections and stem cell injections. The doctors at Algone Regenerative Medicine have years of experience treating pain injuries through regenerative therapies. This type of medicine can stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself resulting in less pain, improved healing times, and avoiding surgeries.

Empower Physical Therapy (formerly known as Algone Physical Therapy) works very closely with the providers at Algone Regenerative Medicine in order to rehabilitate and treat those patients that have received these types of treatments. We work hard to help reduce any soreness following a procedure, improve your healing and recovery through therapy, and get you back to your work or activity level that you wish to be at.

With our close proximity to the providers at Algone Regenerative Medicine, we are able to coordinate our patients’ care unlike any other physical therapy clinic. This is a great benefit to the patient in order to produce the best possible outcomes for your rehabilitation following a procedure.

How do I come see you and start therapy?

Great question! That is a very common question many people have when they first start learning of the benefits of physical therapy. The first thing you need to know is that ALL 50 states now allow what is known as direct access to physical therapy. This means that you have the right to come see any physical therapist you choose with or without a referral from a physician. This is a great help to patients that may benefit from therapy and choose to come see a physical therapist first.

However, there are some insurance companies that do require that you see a physician and receive a referral for physical therapy before they will reimburse your visit to the therapist. This is important to know if your insurance company requires this referral in order to make sure that your visit will be billed properly to your insurance company.

If you do visit your physician first for the condition, injury, or pain that you are experiencing, you can ask your physician to give you a referral for physical therapy in addition to whatever treatment plan the physician has already given you. Once you have that referral, you are ready to make an appointment and begin therapy.

If you are unsure whether your insurance requires a referral, please give our front office a call at 907-373-9462 and we would be happy to find out what you need to get started with therapy. If you have already received a referral from your physician and are ready to begin therapy, please give our front office a call at 907-373-9462 and we would love to meet you and start therapy services.

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